The Insurance Company Bag of Dirty Tricks

The Insurance Company has a Bag of Dirty Tricks

You need to understand that the insurance companies do not intend to play a fair with you. They coach their adjustors to help them with their tactic of DELAY, DENY, DEFEND. They start with the request for simple information, then they always want more. They want the medical authorizations, wage release forms, income tax returns, and a recorded statement. They want to discourage you with delay, and then if you don’t take their small settlement offer, they are going to deny your claim. Then, if you have the audacity to demand a fair settlement, they will unfairly accuse you of being a cheat and a fraud when you go to court. Their game begins with the recorded statement, and the request for the medical release form. Their tricks continue until they laugh at you when the jury comes back with a verdict in their favor. Usually, they do it with a sweet voice with a smile on their face. Most people never understand their game until it is too late.

The insurance companies use every means available to win. They have influenced jurors to believe that the reason that their insurance premiums go up is because there are too many suits just like yours. So, decent people on the jury panels think they are saving money for themselves and everyone else if they throw your case out of court. Hard to believe? Would an insurance company really do something like that? I ask you, are they in the business of being good Samaritans, or making money. National news organizations such as CNN have documented these tactics that I am telling you about. Go down to the courthouse some day and that is exactly what you will find. Every single time, they try to convince juries that the injured victim is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud. These tactics are shameful considering that the vast majority of claims are made by good and decent people, and that the insurance company is the one who is defending the person who negligently and irresponsibly caused someone to get hurt. I wonder if it would be a good idea to hire a lawyer who is an expert in dealing with the experienced insurance adjustor. If that is how you feel, I will be glad to answer your questions, or evaluate your case for FREE.