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The Stephens Law Firm Testimonials & Reviews

What Other's Say About Our Houston Personal Injury Law Firm

“I am someone who does my homework about everything I buy or any professional service I solicit. So before I solicited the services of The Stephens Law Firm I had met with 3 other major large law firms. But when I met with Joe Stephens it was personal. He agreed to meet with me early in the AM before his office was even opened to allow me to get to work on time. He listened, took notes himself because it was too early for his secretary to be at work or may have been off. I had an Insurance company that had given me the run around to repair my vehicle for a month. The minute Joe got involved and contacted the insurance company, giving them 10 days to honor their obligation or be taken to court, they complied and wrote a check to the collision shop and my vehicle is now repaired. Joe is currently working on the bodily injury I incurred and he is exceeding my expectation. I will comment after the conclusion of this one. In all, this is a Lawyer you can trust, and respect, and insurance companies will not mess with. Thank you Joe from me and my family!!!”

Dwight B. Yelp LegalService

“This was my first experience dealing with a lawyer. I was deeply touched by the kindness of Joe Stephens and his entire staff. The result I got explains why he is a Texas Super Lawyer.”

Jennifer M. Yelp LegalService

“I hired Mr. Stephens on my case and he went after those people like a mad dog. It felt really good to have the best lawyer working for me. Now I know how all of those big companies feel when they get a top lawyer.”

Andrew J. Google LegalService

“Mr. Stephens handled my case involving my daughter. It was a very tough road physically & mentally revisiting all that happened but Mr. Stephens made it as painless as possible. He put a lot of time, effort and care into our case. Nothing can ever undo what has happened but Mr. Stephens worked hard to get us the justice my daughter deserved.”

Virginia F. Google LegalService

“Mr. Stephens did a wonderful job handling my case and answered all my questions. He Impressed the judge and his assistant.”

Ann L. Google LegalService

“Mr. Stephens was courteous and nice. He promptly responded to everything we asked, and kept us informed about everything all the time. He did a great job, and got us a lot of money as well!”

Miranda S. Google LegalService

“Joe Stephens really cares about his clients. He was amazing in handling my case and took the time to be sure I was doing okay throughout the process. The outcome was great and my family is forever grateful to him.”

Owen T. Google LegalService

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