Richmond Injury Lawyer

Richmond is a small town in south Texas, the county seat of Fort Bend County, and houses most of the local government offices for the area. Even though Richmond is not the largest city in the area, because it functions as the county seat for the immediate area, it plays an important role in the geography and politics of this section of Texas.

Despite its small size, Richmond is considered part of the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolitan area. A small town adjacent to a large metropolitan area does have to suffer some of the same traffic headaches of the larger area it borders. This includes accidents: automobile accidents, and because of the Texans fondness for driving trucks, truck accidents as well. Traffic accidents are an unavoidable part of life—if we mean to get into altercations with our vehicles, we wouldn’t call them accidents, right?

If you have a motor vehicle accident, or are injured in an accident, it is overwhelming, and you may feel scared, alone and not know how to proceed. This is when you need Joe Stephens. Joe is a Houston based personal injury attorney who has practiced law in South Texas for 26 years. His areas of expertise include: motor vehicle accidents, serious injuries related to accidents, wrongful death accidents, medical malpractice accidents and defective product accidents.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident of any kind, Joe Stephens is the attorney you want on your side. Unparalleled experience combined with a personal touch is Joe’s specialty. Joe Stephens understands how traumatic both personally and physically any kind of accident can be. He will work tirelessly for you, and help you navigate the confusing realm of how to proceed after you’ve been in an accident.

You can reach Joe Stephens at 713.224.4000 or online at You can fill out a contact form and someone from the office will follow up with you directly. Joe has also authored several books, and when you contact his office, you can request one of his books, complimentary. That means FREE! Call today to get the help you need, and the peace of mind to enable you move forward with your life.