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top rated rsd lawyer in houston


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top rated rsd lawyer in houston

Houston Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Attorney

Call One of the Best CRPS Injury Lawyer in Houston, TX

What is CRPS?

CRPS stands for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and is sometimes called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy - RSD. Unfortunately, unless it is promptly and properly treated, it is a permanent, and painful injury. Few doctors have ever treated it, and therefore, many fail to recognize it. However, it is recognized by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) as one of the worlds most complicated and painful injuries. Neurologists and Pain Management Doctors are specialists who commonly treat the injury.

crps attorneys in houston texas

What Causes Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

CRPS is usually brought on by a serious injury such as broken or fractured bones, torn tendons or ligaments, or other traumatic injury. Some CRPS cases have been the result of surgical procedures, poorly placed injections and errors when administering an IV (infiltration). Doctors believe that such events may cause a hyper sensitivity within nerves in the injured area, spreading to nearby areas and eventually exciting the entire nervous system. If CRPS is not detected immediately it can lead to permanent pain and disability.

CRPS lawyer Joe Stephens is recognized as a Top Lawyer in Texas and across America, and has handled many complex regional pain syndrome cases.

Did you Develop CRPS After a Medical or Traumatic Injury? Call Now for a Free Consultation.

Common Symptoms of CRPS Include:

  • CRPS can be caused by simple sprains, or broken bones
  • CRPS causes the nerves to send painful messages in an unbroken continuous circuit of pain that will not go away
  • CRPS pain is unbearable, feeling like one’s extremities are on fire
  • CRPS symptoms usually are caused by hypersenstivity. even a breeze or light touch is painful
  • Symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome include swelling and temperature differences
  • Some doctors recommend that their patients be put into a coma to reset their nervous system
  • CRPS almost always interferes with all activities and work that the person was formerly able to do
  • Heavy medication and psychotherapy is required to deal with CRPS pain
  • CRPS victims sometimes get relief from spinal stimulators, but there is no guarantee
  • Most CRPS patients receive physical therapy, but many times this makes the problem worse, especially if the provider does not deal with CRPS
  • CRPS patients commonly say they want to get the affected limbs cut off because the pain is so bad
  • Pain experts rate CRPS pain higher than even child birth and amputation injuries

Work With an Attorney That Has CRPS Lawsuit Experience

Houston injury lawyer Joe Stephens is recognized as one of the top complex regional pain syndrome lawyers in America. He has two board certifications and is consistently chosen as a Texas Super Lawyer. He has tried 100’s of cases, including several CRPS cases. He understands the problems that his clients face, and can help them deal with the issues a CRPS victim faces in the best way possible. He also knows some of the America’s best CRPS medical specialists, and can help his clients get the best medical care. Sometimes, this care results in lasting benefits in helping clients manage the pain and impairment associated with these injuries. Please call our office today and he will discuss your case for FREE. The cost of his representation is FREE and you only owe money out of any recovery. If there is no recovery or settlement you owe nothing.



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