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Hit and Run Accident Injures Woman, Kills Dog

Houston car accident attorneys, like many people, have a soft spot for animals and are saddened when they are hurt or killed as a result of human action. Many people love animals because they are utterly innocent, and devoted—particularly dogs. Instances of animal abuse or cruelty leave most people bristling with shock and anger.

In Harris County, a Friday night hit and run accident not only left a woman critically injured, but her dog was killed as well.

The incident took place at about 10 p.m. at the intersection of Valley Palm and Kilrenny. According to Houston Police deputies, a woman was taking her dog for a walk in the Champions Forest subdivistion. She approached the intersection, and proceeded to cross the road with her dog. As she crossed the street a black car ran a stop sign and hit both the woman and her dog.

The woman was taken to the nearby Memorial Hermann hospital and reported to be in critical condition. Her dog, unfortunately was killed at the scene of the accident. So, not only will the woman have a long recovery ahead of her, but she’s also lost a loving companion.

The driver immediately fled the scene, and police are continuing their search for the perpetrator of the crime. If you have any information about this accident, please contact the Houston Police Department immediately.

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