Hiring The Right Injury Lawyer, The Truth About Lawyer Advertising

Joe has written the best book in America about what you need to know to select the best accident lawyer.

It wasn’t until 1977 that lawyers were allowed to advertise. Since then, lawyer advertising has gotten out of control. Ads with headlines shouting “Cash, Cash, Cash,” “No Recovery – No Fee” and “Quick Settlement of Your Injury Case” are just meaningless slogans giving no valuable information. Advertising in poor taste makes all lawyers look bad. In addition, it can also negatively influ-ence jurors who, while listening to a lawyer’s arguments, remember seeing them on late-night TV making ridiculous exaggerations and platitudes. And even when the ads are not false, deceptive or misleading, most just aren’t very helpful to the injury victim. Some ads even create unjustified expectations.

“Why can’t my case be settled for a million dollars in 30 days?”

In Hiring The Right Injury Lawyer, Mr. Stephens delves into the truth about lawyer advertising, everything from why there are no restrictions on the type of law in which lawyers can claim expertise, to why most Internet lawyer referral directories are nothing more than another form of paid advertising, to why, despite all their advertised bravado, most lawyers are “deathly afraid” to go to trial. “I can’t change the way lawyers advertise, but I can help you make your way through the morass,” Mr. Stephens writes. “Look, there are good lawyers out there – lots of them. You just have to do some work to find the right lawyer for your case.” After reading this book, you will be well on your way.