Gerry Spence: The Greatest Trial Lawyer Who Has Ever Lived?

Trial Lawyer’s College

Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College

In the summer of 2006, Joe Stephens was one of forty-eight Trial Lawyers in the United States of America who was chosen, taught and certified by nationally renowned Trial Lawyer Gerry Spence at his Trial Lawyer’s College at his private  Thunderhead Ranch, in Dubois, WY. 

 Who is Gerry Spence?  Many say that Gerry Spence is the greatest lawyer who ever lived.  He is a living legend.    He has never lost a jury trial.  He spent his career representing the common, ordinary person who was seriously injured.  He represented Karen Silkwoods family against Kerr McGee when they wrongfully killed her by allowing her to be contaminate by plutonium at their facility in Oklahoma.  He is known for winning impossible cases due to his abililty to relate to the jury.

He started the Trial Lawyer’s College to train lawyers to fight for the “little guy” who has no chance to stand against the powerful insurance companies and big business in our land.  He has an army of instructors who help him teach lawyers how to communicate and relate to juries effectively.  The lawyers are taught how to listen to their clients, and undergo dramatization techniques so the lawyer can crawl inside the skin of his client, and experience the suffering a client feels.  Once a lawyer experinces what it feels like to be devastated, to feel hopeless, and to experience emotional torment, then the lawyer can honestly and effectively share the client’s experience with the jury.   The Trial Lawyer’s College is a life changing experience, and makes the lawyer a better person, and certainly a better advocate for someone who has suffered a catastrophic loss. 

It is said that those who have graduated from the college are Trial Warriors because of the passion they show towards their clients –from the initial interview of the client through the closing argument to the jury. There are fewer than 1,000 graduates of the Trial Lawyer’s College in America. There are 12 lawyers from the Houston area who have  were chosen to attend the college since 1994.  Joe Stephens graduated in 2006, and is regularly asked to attend regional follow-up courses around America.