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Joe Stephens is  fed up with all the baloney that some of these loud mouth TV lawyers pound us with daily and in the process destroy the image of the legal profession. That is why he will GIVE YOU FREE BOOKS to make you a more educated person, rather than both an accident victim and a victim of some greedy lawyer who isn’t qualified to handle injury claims. He authored a book: HOW TO HIRE THE RIGHT LAWYER FOR YOUR CASE, which explains exactly what you need to know before you ever speak to a lawyer, much less hire one. Another book this renowned Houston Injury Lawyer wrote, the TEXAS ACCIDENT BIBLE will help you understand about process of filing a claim, what the insurance company needs to evaluate your claim, and how a lawyer, or you can decide if you have a good case.  Finally, for those who have lost a loved one, this famed Houston Injury lawyer authored THE SURVIVOR’S LEGAL GUIDE, which will be immensely helpful for anyone dealing with the death of a family member.

So, as soon as you fill out the contact form, we will send you these books for FREE and you will also receive an interesting and easy to understand newsletter, that will make you a better informed consumer BEFORE you have to deal with the adjuster, hire a lawyer or sign any forms.