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Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance adjustor?

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So you have been hurt in a car or truck accident, and the insurance adjuster is calling to take a recorded statement so they can decide whether to pay you some money. No, I recommend that you don’t give a statement. Why? Because the adjuster is professionally trained to deceive you. They do it with a pleasant voice and a smile. These trained professionals seek to gain admissions they know will defeat your claim. The adjuster is paid by the insurance company whose goal is to make a profit, not to aid you in your claim. Therefore, they will seek to ask questions out of context. They will try to set up answers so that later on it will appear that you were untruthful. i.e, have you ever been injured before? if you fail to tell them about that twisted ankle in the 2nd grade, you will be described as a cheat to a jury later on! They will be try to persuade you to admit that looking back on things, you probably “share some blame too.”

What they will do is tell you that they will never pay the claim until you give the recorded statement. What they don’t tell you is that they are recording you even when they don’t have your permission. This is legal, and they always do it. They don’t have to take your statement to pay the claim. To test them out, tell them that if they want your statement, you will agree to meet them in person and give a statement. But here are the conditions. You get to ask their insured questions first. Tell them you may even have a lawyer show up to ask the questions. Seems fair doesn’t it because he is professionally trained to ask questions, just like the insurance adjuster. And you will record their insured’s statement. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will NEVER take you up on that offer. In 25 years of practicing law, I have never had one of these adjuster accept my offer. All experienced lawyers have had the same experience. What does that tell you?

They can learn what they need from the police report if they intend to pay the claim. Otherwise, the adjuster is setting you up so they can deny the claim, then defend it in court.

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