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Advances in technology and in the medical field have brought to market many advanced medical devices and products that save lives and enhance health. At the same time, manufacturers may be too eager to rush products through the development process. Or perhaps they streamline production processes too zealously. Too often, there can be opportunities for defective or dangerous products and devices to find their way into wide use. If you or someone you care about has been harmed because of a defective medical product, you may be entitled to compensation from the item’s manufacturer.

When defective medical products cause harm, injury victims in Houston call on the Stephens Law Firm and defective medical products lawyer Joe Stephens. Devices used in the healthcare industry may be complex and highly technical. Veteran Houston personal injury and wrongful death attorney Joe Stephens has the experience and knowledge to readily understand how medical devices are developed and used. He knows how manufacturing processes can result in the creation of defective products. And he’s seen patients suffer serious health consequences and even death because of harmful products. As a Houston injury lawyer, Joe Stephens has dedicated his practice to serving individuals hurt by the very products they relied on to improve their health. He’s seen the heartbreak of families who have lost loved ones because medical devices malfunctioned or failed. That’s why Houston injury attorney Joe Stephens and his professional staff at the Stephens Law Firm have dedicated their efforts to helping injury and wrongful death victims.

Because he’s well acquainted with medical products and the injuries they can cause, Houston personal injury lawyer Joe Stephens knows that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is responsible for monitoring the problems that occur when medical devices and products malfunction. To ensure the safety of consumers, the FDA issues alerts to medical professionals and the public when problems arise. Attorney Stephens knows that recalls may mean that some kind of correction or adjustment needs to be made to the product. But he also understands that in worst cases, defects may pose a hazard to the health of users – even a risk of death, necessitating removal of the product from the market altogether.

And, sadly, the FDA isn’t much of a watchdog. Many defective products slip through undetected. In most cases, the FDA relies on a company’s own research to prove a product safe and effective. Human trails are often conducted in third-world countries, far from the prying eyes of regulators. And the agency itself has been accused of playing politics with the approval process.

In 2010, the FDA recalled nearly four medical devices per month. In 2011, it had issued nine recalls by mid-February. Products involved range from glucose test strips to infusion pumps and supplies used in hemodialysis, a commonly used process that filters wastes from the blood of patients with kidney problems. Houston accident attorney Stephens recognizes the frequent dangers posed by defective medical products. He knows that devices are now employed by doctors to treat many conditions, ranging from heart problems to urinary incontinence. Many products also are used in surgical procedures. Problems with pacemakers and defibrillators have fueled lawsuits nationwide and constitute nearly a third of defective medical devices recalled in the past few years.

Houston personal injury and wrongful death attorney Joe Stephens knows the host of health issues that defective medical devices can cause. Severe infections can pose lasting medical problems that may result in loss of limbs or even death. Defective heart devices can cause electric shock. Artificial hips and other joints can fail, causing injury and impeding mobility. When a defective medical device or product, a motor vehicle accident, a workplace injury, or other accident harms you or someone you love, your choice of attorney is vital. It can mean a significant difference in your chances of making a recovery for your pain, suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. Call the Stephens Law Firm and you’ll quickly see why injury victims in Houston choose the advocacy of Joe Stephens.

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