Best Motorcycle Safety Courses in Houston Texas

For people who see riding as a passion, their motorcycle is an extension of their personality. It unravels their adventurous spirit. Speed becomes their best friend and they feel free from all burdens of life while riding. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are not immune to accidents. Motorcycle fatalities are not uncommon – their aftermath is often dreadful. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents mostly happen due to the negligence of the other party involved. Three years ago, I was involved in a motorcycle accident that happened due to no fault of mine. I sustained serious injuries and my bike was totally damaged. Had it not been for the brilliantly sharp Houston motorcycle accident attorney I hired, I may not even have been in the position to write this article right now.

houston motorcycle safety training courseWhether you are a seasoned rider or a motorcycle newbie, a motorcycle safety program is mandatory for all. Apart from basic as well as lifesaving skills, motorcycle safety programs also focus on equipping riders with knowledge about important things, such as how to apply brakes in case of an emergency, how one can use peripheral vision to avoid accidents, or how to corner a speeding motorcycle properly. That apart, motorcycle riders can further hone their abilities by practicing rigorously.

From basic rider courses to advanced rider classes, Houston-based driving schools, these days, are offering all kinds of classes.

Here is a list of best safety motorcycle courses in Houston Texas.

1. Awesome Cycles:

Address:13331, Kuykendahl Ste 105 Houston, Texas 77090
Phone Number: 281-293-7663

Awesome Cycles is one of the best places to learn to ride a motorcycle. They offer three types of courses – Basic Rider Course (BRC), BRC2 Skills Practise, and BRC2 License Waiver. The BRC course is for potential riders who want to learn from scratch. The BRC2 Skills course is for riders who have been riding for over 6 months and know the basics of how to ride a motorcycle. The BRC2 License Waiver is for seasoned riders looking for M endorsement. Each course has a well-designed curriculum which will help you in many ways.

2. MRH Rider Training:

Address 12710 Crossroads Park Dr, Houston, Texas 7706
Phone Number: 281-897-7121

The riding courses offered at the MRH Rider Training school are quite popular among both experienced and new riders. Their Experienced Ridercourse program includes elaborate sessions on the brake and throttles control, low-speed and road-speed turning, evasive maneuvers, line selection and much more. Interested candidates can register online. We will recommend making an application at least 2 months in advance as classes get quite full towards the end.

3. Awesome Riding

Address: 1000 W, Oaks Mall, Ste 505, Houston, Texas 77082
Phone Number: 713-332-6365

Awesome Riding is one of the premier riding schools in Texas. However, if you are a complete novice, this school isn’t for you. Awesome Riding offers a 2-day course for riders who know how to ride but haven’t ridden in a long while. If you are a seasoned rider, enroll in the Basic Rider Course 2 – License Waiver. This course has been designed especially for people who have been riding for more than 2 years and now need advanced training. On completion of either of the courses, you will be able to apply for a DMV test and get your license.

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