Can I Handle This Claim Myself?

Certainly, you can handle your claim if you have minor injuries.  I don’t accept small injury cases.  After I spend the money to investigate your claim, pay for copies of your medical bills and records, and charge a fee, you will not end up with much if anything.  What I recommend you do if you have minor injuries, or a small property damage claim is to deal with the insurance company yourself.  The key is to document everything.  Send them all the bills, all the records, provide witness statements, or at least their names, and phone numbers.  Take some pictures of your injuries if you are bruised or c ut.  And most importantly, keep going to the doctor–if you are in pain–so that the medical doctor or chiropractor can document your injuries.  Finally, send proof of your lost wages.  Gather some check stubs, and a note from your employer and doctor to verify your lost time from work.  You will be able to collect a little money in return for a release of your claim from the insurance company.  They only make one lump sum payment, so be sure you are healed before signing the release. 

To find out more about the claims process, please ask me for the book I wrote, The Texas Accident Bible.  I will send it to you for FREE if you fill in the information below.  Or, if you wish, you can buy it on

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